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  • Kabukicho-Best places to visit in Japan
  • Kabukicho-Best places to visit in Japan
Shinjuku is famous for its overwhelming neon signs and there’s no place more exemplary of this than Kabukicho. The area takes its name from a Kabuki theatre that was erected in the vicinity following the devastating aftermath of World War II. Since that time, Kabukicho has evolved into one of Japan’s biggest red light districts and is a haven for numerous drinkeries, funky hostess/host clubs, and other novel adult diversions.

Luckily though, Kabukicho has more to offer than just glitz and sleaze. For one, the infamous Robot Restaurant is located in the heart of the district. As if this weren’t enough, Kabukicho also lays claim to being Tokyo’s latest attraction – the sensational VR Zone Shinjuku. If you have fantasies of playing games like Mario Card in VR, then you can’t afford to pass on this scene!
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