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  • Kamakura-Best places to visit in Japan
  • Kamakura-Best places to visit in Japan
The seaside town of Kamakura was once the military capital of Japan. The area is largely responsible for the rise in samurai culture as it is known today. Additionally, Kamakura is also one of the main birthplaces of Japanese Zen Buddhism. Many of the temples that fostered such spiritual tenets are still practising the essence of Buddha’s teachings today.

Typically, Kamakura is only thought of as a day trip, however, the area has abundant activities to delight one for several days. Featuring bamboo groves and ancient temples, Kamakura is actually capable of fulfilling every reason why travellers trek to Kyoto. Given Kamakura’s lively beaches, back street shopping alleys, and local good eats, this locale is guaranteed to charm and amuse everyone.

Whatever you do though, be sure not to miss nearby Enoshima! It’s an exceptional and breathtaking treat.
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